Posted by: loripalooza | January 19, 2009

Random Sunny Thoughts

patchouli-sun-bear1Patchouli, the Persian sun-bearcat.  No place better than the top of the hot tub on a sunny day if you’re a cat. She posed and stretched for me like a furry super-model.  Meow, baby!patchouli-in-the-sun-006

So, Joe and I are in Walgreen’s the other day and the Bread song, I Would Give Everything I Own, was playing, and I had to stop looking at the 20 million kinds of sinus medicine and sing along, whereupon Joe did, too. Both of us at full volume.  (Of course!) The music station was a total 70’s groove, because the next song was Gordon Lightfoot.

djembe-7-2tWe got each other djembes for Christmas this year, and have been in jam heaven! I’ve also been attempting to play the trumpet riff from Ring of Fire.  Joe figured out the fingering for me, I just need to work at it a little (lot) more.  I’ve also got Working Class Hero down on the guitar.  Now if I could only sound like Marianne Faithful when I sing it.  Might need to start smoking.  For art.  We got Nathan a violin for Christmas, and he’s loving it!  nathan-violinThe funniest thing is that when he starts to play it one cat runs, and the other, Patchouli, comes running, starts meowing with the violin and crawls up in his lap!  Weird, huh?  (She also meows and tries to get in my face when I whistle Good Night My Someone from the Music Man.  What gives, Patchouli?)

Speaking of cats,  did you see that Cooper the Cat Photographer is having a gallery exhibit!  Sunny thought for many, but not for my 3-month unemployed photographer husband…We were thinking of dressing him up in a dog outfit, hanging a camera around his neck and seeing what he came up with at random.  (Because we’re all about parody.)  Big dog paws on the car’s steering wheel, chopping lettuce, uploading resumes…

We decided our main bathroom door needed a little jazzing up, so this is what we came up with:b-room-door3This one hallway has seven doors–more than our old house had in total!

Words I really like to say outloud:  succubus and irrascible.  Or in combo, like Yosemite Sam: You irrascible succubus!

This has got to be the favorite gift from Christmas, from Andy and Hannah: Obama fridge-magnet cut-out with assorted clothing and accessories!  And as a bonus the ‘fro is stylin’ on John, there, over on the right….obama-and-john

I can’t seem to find anything I like on Obama from the waist up, though the lei wasn’t bad.

For a stocking stuffer for Joe this year I got him a CD of the Red Army Choir, because he told me his mom used to love them and would play them all the time when he was a kid.  What a powerful sound! We listened to them at concert-volume while it was snowy and stormy out and it brought chills.  Those guys with the ka-razy hair are the Leningrad Cowboys. Gotta love it!

“If little else the brain is an educational toy.”

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”


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