Posted by: loripalooza | December 31, 2008

Out With the Old…

Like Hannah, I too am excited about the upcoming year, but I suspect I approach it with a more impatient anticipation–like, let’s get rid of this old year and get the new one started, already!  The Christmas tree seems to symbolize the old year for me, and I really look forward to our New Year’s Day tradition of taking it down.  First we’ll lovingly tuck away each ornament and associated Christmases Past, then wind up the energy-efficient LED lights that adorned its branches (bathing pretty much nothing in their cool, fluorescent stoic whitish glow– we try to be good, be green, do the right thing, but come on!  Where’s the warm twinkling ambiance?!). 

Next we drag, pull, or push the mostly dead (so hard to water once the presents are under there) tree out the door where Joe takes a macho pleasure in hurling it across the front lawn like a caber-tossing Scotsman, where it will starkly sit until the Boy Scouts come to haul its sad spindly self away.  To eventually be pulverized for beauty bark or compost or whatever.  This year the scouts seem to be having a bit of a turf war going on. The first troop, our usual, dropped off donation envelopes a week before Christmas, with a pick up time a week after New Year’s.  Then a couple days after Christmas a new troop came dancing up to our door, fingers snapping, knees bending, hair slicked back, leaving their envelopes with a week earlier pick-up time, but a higher suggested donation!  I deviously suggested putting the tree out on the earlier pick up day but with the check made out to the other troop, but the thought of some little thuggish Green Shirt pounding on the door “Give us our money or the tree stays, lady!” … Well. Let’s just say the world is a better place since I keep the majority of my, numerous, devious thoughts to myself.

For me, New Year’s Day itself is the time when the fist smacks the palm, time to get back to business, put up the new calendars and toss out the old, (or put away with the intention of framing the lovely artsy monthly prints, but eventually forget about and where would we hang them anyway?), vacuum up the pine needles (aptly named–ouch!) that you and the cats have been dragging around the house for three weeks, write out some resolutions that you’ll actually accomplish this year, by golly, even though they are the same every year (curse those peanut butter Reese’s pumpkins and Christmas trees! Do they think I have a will of iron?).

Sorry. Bit of a tangential thinker at the best of times.  Really, I just wanted to join Hannah in wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  So, yeah.  There ya go!


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