Posted by: hannah jo | December 22, 2008

A real winter, for a change

ucar_snowflake2_smLike everyone else in Seattle right now, we’re trying to make sense of the almost foot of snow outside our house right now. It’s unbelievably beautiful. The quality of the light should be bottled and sold as a calming aid. The muffled sound makes me wonder if I’ve lost some of my hearing. I like it, though.

We broke out one of Lily’s Christmas gifts early yesterday — a slick new sled. She broke it in at a nearby park, with her buddy Nick. When we bought it, we imagined Lily would use it at Snoqualmie Pass or over in Spokane. I never thought she’d use it here in Ballard!

This has been a heck of a time to be running two libraries. Trying to round up staff members who can safely walk to the two branches and keep them open has been all consuming. My vacation starts today, in theory, because Lily’s school is closed, but I have a great deal of time-sensitive work to do that I couldn’t get to while I was scrambling to keep my buildings open and functioning somewhat normally. Today’s challenge involves emptying an exterior book drop at a branch we couldn’t open on Saturday and may not be able to open today. The other challenge is that I have a Christmas gift for Andy and Lily hidden there in my office and have no idea if I’ll be able to retrieve it before Christmas!

I stupidly procrastinated on most of my holiday shopping, so am completely stuck now. And, I’m just finishing up my holiday cards this morning. Oh well. They’re Happy New Year cards now!

I’ve got KUOW on right now and just heard that my dear pal Nancy Pearl is going to be on during the next hour! Lily’s babysitting some neighbor kids and Andy’s hard at work creating databases on the other computer downstairs, so I get to listen to Nancy talk about books while I gaze at the snow and drink some tea. Heaven!


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