Posted by: loripalooza | December 14, 2008

Expiration Date


I was so excited to open my fridge last week and discover an ad on the side of a carton of milk (the company that delivers our milk on Mondays is featured)  for the film Expiration DateKCTS 9 will be airing it this coming Thursday, December 18th at 8PM, and I will be happily plunked in front of the TV to watch it.  I saw the previews for this movie ages ago, and was immediately intrigued–set in Seattle, it’s about a man about to turn 25, whose father and grandfather were both killed by milk trucks on their 25th birthdays.  The music sounds  hip and folksy, the story a dark comedy, my favorite kind of movie; a bit Harold and Maude, if you will.  But I could never seem to catch up on where or when it was playing, so lost track and thought of it again only when mocked  by an occasional sighting of an Expiration Date bumper sticker on this little white car in the neighborhood where I work…  But thanks to a milk carton I (and you, too) can watch it for free!



  1. Hey, if you miss it on Thursday, you can check it out on DVD from the library (I know — I am the biggest library pusher on the planet)! I just put a hold on it. Thanks for the heads up.

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