Posted by: loripalooza | December 5, 2008

TGIF. Really.

That’s all I have to say.  After a week of computer torture at work I’m planning on having a techno-free weekend. Our server crashed –died, went belly-up, is kaput, totally flummoxed the IT Guy, is digitally laughing (0000000100000001) at us all from wherever the overloaded brains of dead file-servers go– so we’re unable to access any of our stored files, or back-up our newly created files.  Plus if anyone wants anything transferred to me for my Super Office Manager Magic Touch, they have to use email. Aaarrrgghh!!!!!!!   But hope from the Mac store arrives on Monday morning, there’s a Maxfield Parrish sunset being painted outside my window, and I have the following activities planned for the weekend:

Artsy Fundraiser

Several friends of Joe’s from his former place of employment (many of whom are also no longer employed there…), are the artists in this event, raising funds for Arts Corps.  I am a big fan of functional art, and am looking forward to mingling with old friends and seeing what they’ve created.

Inverted Bob?

I’m thinking of getting a haircut this weekend, something Katie Holmes-ish (hey, I had that cut first, girly-girl!).  My hair is currently long, and becoming more bothersome by the day. Take off my seat belt and it zoops up through the harness with my hair following, so I’m trapped in the car until I can pull everything back.  Hug someone and when I back away my hair is still with them, clinched in the vice grip of their arm pits.  I’ve donated at least twice, maybe three times now, I can’t remember, to Locks of Love, and it seems like a lovely giving thing to do right now.  But it is getting colder out, and I would no doubt miss its fur-like warming function.  We’ll see….

Handful of Luvin

We saw these guys at an Octoberfest a couple months ago, and they were fun, fun, fun!  A smokin’ fiddler player and great rhythm  propelled us to the dance floor where we ended up being flung from arm to arm whirled around uncontrollably by wildly dancing strangers.  (They’re local, so have a big fan base. Plus there was beer. Doh!)  They’re not far from home  at Woodinville’s Redhook Alehouse, so we’re there, baby!

The Camel Club

As usual, Joe and I only just discovered David Baldacci (thank you Snarky Sister-in-Law!), and have been voraciously eating the Camel Club series up since then.  Kind of similar to the Reacher series, so it’s action packed.  A couple nights ago we sat wedged in the reading chair hip-to-hip, joined by the cuddly cat of the house, and read until we cramped up.

Have a grand weekend, ya’ll!  I’m driving off into that blood orange sunset and starting it right now!


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