Posted by: hannah jo | November 28, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Wrap-up

It was a mostly quiet Thanksgiving at our house, which was just what we needed. Poor Andy got hit with a flu bug the night before Thanksgiving, with a high fever that was a little bit scary. But, he was well enough on Thursday evening to eat our Thanksgiving feast. Never underestimate the power of pumpkin pie as a way to encourage someone to feel better quickly. We’ve finished one pie already and will cut into the second one tonight. It goes quickly when you eat it for or with each meal, including breakfast.

I had intended to stop by the PCC on my way home from work on Wednesday night to pick up a turkey breast to augment the Tofurky that Lily the newly proclaimed vegetarian insisted upon (and was actually purchased for us by a sweet co-worker of mine after I mentioned Lily’s plans). But, when Andy called me at work to tell me how sick he was, I went straight home. Then, when I went grocery shopping on Thursday morning, of course there were no turkey breasts to be found at either of the two grocery stores I visisted.

In desperation, I called Andy at home and told him I had screwed up (but using different words) and asked him to call the PCC in Fremont to see if they had any turkey breasts. The PCC was closed, actually, but a nice man answered the phone and said he was giving a tour to a group of people, but if I ran over there and knocked on the front door, he would let me in. And, if I had a VISA or MasterCard, I could buy a turkey breast because he had some left.

Sure enough, I parked right out front, knocked on the door and he let me in to buy a fabulous turkey breast. Then, he handed me a $25 bouquet of flowers and told me to take them for free because they were just going to end up in the dumpster anyway. I sure hope I don’t get him in trouble by telling this story. Maybe he was the manager, so maybe he had the authority to do that, but I have no idea. Anyway, it was a very kind gesture on top of another incredibly kind gesture, and I felt very grateful. The bouquet is gorgeous and brightens up our house immensely.

When I got home, Andy was vertical and seemed ready to try eating, so we went ahead and made the full dinner and it turned out great. Even the Tofurky was a hit, which I had assumed would bomb. Lily ate it! She also broke into an awesome rendition of The Beatles song “Oh, Darling” during dinner, which I hope I never forget.

After we washed the mountains of dishes, we all snuggled in to watch our DVD copy of School of Rock, which Lily had never seen. It was the perfect way to spend the evening. We laughed so hard and Lily loved it. I asked her if it made her want to learn how to play the electric guitar and she said yes. SCORE!

There was some sad news during the day, unfortunately. Andy’s mother’s dog died, possibly of a stroke. Lily was very upset about that. She really wanted to travel to Spokane today to console Andy’s mother, but Andy was too sick to make the impromptu drive over there.

I hope that your Thanksgiving was peaceful and pleasant. I hope you ate fewer leftovers today than I did. Now I’m too full for pie.



  1. Haha, that sounds like a wonderful and quirky thanksgiving, tofurky, school of rock, and all. It’s certainly one you’ll remember!

  2. Thanks for the cozy Thanksgiving story, Hannah–I’ve been trying to muster myself up for a Thanksgiving post, but my sadly, my heart wasn’t into it, (I would have sooo loved peaceful!) so thank you for stepping up and taking care of it. Hope Andy’s feeling better!

  3. Nice Thanksgiving story, Hannah. It does sound peaceful. Lori and I went to my brother’s house, where it was a typical family scene – for our family – twentysome people, lots of screaming-running-wild children and tons of food. We got plenty of leftovers, but took home NO PIE! Maybe I will make pumpkin pie today…

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