Posted by: hannah jo | November 7, 2008

Hope kicks fear’s ass

233506020v5_350x350_frontI saw an Obama t-shirt with that saying a few months ago and loved the sentiment, but didn’t buy the shirt. I’m feeling the sentiment, though, big-time. My family and I can’t quite believe that Obama won. Yesterday, I spoke to Andy on the phone while I was at work, reciting our grocery shopping list, and in the middle of it, he interjected, “Hey, Obama won!” We’re still pinching ourselves.

Lily’s just as caught up in it all as we are. She wore her Obama shirt to school on both Tuesday and Wednesday. She carved an Obama pumpkin. She put an Obama bumper sticker on the plastic pumpkin she carried on Halloween to go trick-or-treating. She sent $20 of her own money to the campaign, so when our future president thanked the people who gave “$5, $10, or $20” to his campaign, she felt like he was speaking directly to her.

Andy and I both wept when the race was called at 8 p.m. I cried so much that night and the next day. It’s been an extremely difficult week in so many ways, but none of that stuff matters. Hey, Obama won!


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