Posted by: hannah jo | October 24, 2008

My obsession

Really, I am becoming such a one-note jerk. I think about the presidential election all the time. All the frickin’ time. The only thing that’s saving me from becoming a quivering mass of jelly is the fact that we don’t have cable. If we had cable TV, I’d probably just watch the stupid news shows every minute until the election. I have more than enough sick leave (to cover my current mental illness). I could just ask Andy to bring me bags of tortilla chips every so often and some salsa and I’d be set. Instead, I listen to NPR too much and check Google News too often. Is Obama really ahead in the polls? What if they’re wrong?! What will we do? I’m kind of losing my mind.

Here’s an electoral map you can obsess over with me, at the NPR site.

Lily has asked us numerous times, “Are we moving to Canada if McCain wins?” No, honey. Canada is not far enough away.



  1. We have cable now, and it is seriously a problem. The other night my dad seriously suggested Australia, in the event of an emergency.

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