Posted by: loripalooza | September 17, 2008

(More than) 5-Minute Postapalooza

I love that Hannah came up with her 5-minute post, because it saves me from having to limit myself to a specific topic, and sometimes the mind just demands tangents.

I got called a cross-dresser by two men at the Pyramid Oktoberfest last weekend. I was wearing my Utilikilt and oddly, I do feel like I’m crossing a line wearing something designed pretty much for, and definitely marketed to, the menfolk.  My Make Beer. Not War. tee shirt with the huge peace sign got some attention, too.

I saw a big semi-truck hauling up the street recently with a scruffy little poodle hanging its head out the passenger window.  I didn’t know truck drivers could do that. Independent ones, maybe?  I thought it was a good thing.

I sent this as an antidote to a friend who confessed to needing an intervention on her current news addiction; AKA her Palin Problem.

Just finished reading Boomsday! last week, followed by Ivan Doig’s The Whistling Season.  Quite the contrast between a political satire in DC (a blogger suggests Voluntary Transitioning–suicide–at age 70 to solve the Social Security problem, a light-hearted, fun book, as satires are wont to be) and homesteading one-room schoolhouse in 1909 Montana. Both recommended.

During a recent search for decorating ideas for our upcoming Halloween/Day of the Dead party, I came across The Death Clock.  Now there’s a bit of fun for you!  I was thinking they could market watches so you could literally watch the seconds of your life passing away. Or at least have it as an icon on your computer desktop.  You’d be in a constant state of panic to use your remaining seconds wisely.  Or I would.

Joe and I were playing a friendly (no smashing) game of badminton a couple nights ago to see how long we could volley back and forth to each other, la la la, and as dusk progressed and we slowed down a little, suddenly Joe comes charging towards the net and just slams the birdie over.  I don’t know if it was a trick of the light, but I swear his face was painted blue and the determined, (frightful) grimace on his face was right out of the charging Scots of Braveheart!  I had to fall down from laughing, Hannah-style, especially when I told him about the Braveheart-look he had going, and he lifted his racket up and started running back and forth across the lawn, rallying up the imaginary badminton warriors with some fierce badminton words.

It’s my wedding anniversary today! As Joe said this morning, it’s a good start.  We developed a tradition a few years back of going out and choosing a gift together instead of exchanging, (which started with a large marimba, that neither of us knows how to seriously play) since it’s so close to my birthday, so who knows what we’ll come up with this year. We’ve got our eyes on a giant gong-type bell for outside near our zen garden.  (Speaking of the birthday, I got a Pocket Trumpet! and, my other favorite from Joe, a mixed CD of all songs pertaining to monkeys; Monkey Music.  If I knew how to link music you’d be listening to it now.)

Hey! Gotta run! Time to go indulge in some celebratory anniversary food (Belgian beers and killer parmesan fries) at the Old Town.   Then, if there’s time, go check out the new Coen Brother’s film, Burn Afer Reading.




  1. Thanks for the death clock link. Mark your calendars now for my death on Sept. 11, 2040. And here I was thinking that I was just going to drop dead any day now from being so sick and exhausted. I feel so much better now!

    Thanks for the badminton story, too. Joe is a SMASHER!

  2. Looks like I’ll be one of the pallbearers, as the death clock has me clocking out April 12, 2042. According to the clock, that gives me 1,059,002,935 seconds to take up the pocket trumpet myself. While I played the trumpet in school, it might take that long to get my flabby embouchure back into shape. If I do, I’ll play “Taps.”

  3. Well, I’ll be dancing on Hannah’s grave for twelve glorious days before Kenneth hauls my sorry arse to a nice cozy crematorium. Looking forward to that trumpet solo! Hey wait! Just the other night I tried the death clock and it was giving me til 2055 or something like that! How did I shave off thirteen years in just a few days?

  4. The Death Clock web site is running a banner ad for the movie ‘Saw V’ so I’m going to take my unhappy results with a grain of salt. I’m being dubious, not pessimistic.

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