Posted by: hannah jo | September 14, 2008

Happy birthday, Lori!

What a beautiful day for a beautiful friend.

Here we are, celebrating our 40th birthdays together a few several years ago. I could write a really long post about how great that party was and all the stuff that happened during it — like how Joe almost died right before it because he was goofing off with the helium (OF COURSE!) while filling balloons and how my friend Alison had to come over to our house before the party to do my makeup because I didn’t have the first clue about how one does that sort of thing and how Kenneth rocked his tux with tails — but I’ll save that for another time. I need to hook up our scanner, which is in a box somewhere around here, and scan a bunch of photos and do a mondo post. Everyone looked fabulous and it was insanely fun.

Today, though, in honor of Lori’s birthday, I want to list some of the reasons I love Lori:

  • Laughter, laughter, laughter. Oh, the laughing. It never stops. We just laugh until we cry, until we can’t breathe, until we have to excuse ourselves from whatever situation we’re in and apologize for being immature jerks who have no self control. Just thinking about it right now fills my eyes with tears from the memory of that all-consuming laughter.
  • Her ability to enjoy life. It’s a gift and it’s inspiring. Lori doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about whether to buy the good olive oil or the cheaper olive oil that’s on sale, for example. She just buys the better olive oil, knowing she’s going to enjoy it more and that’s reason enough.
  • Lori lacks some of the inhibitions that some of the rest of us have about saying what’s on our minds, so what she says is much more honest and refreshing and interesting.
  • Joe. Loving Lori means loving Joe, too, and I do. They’re perfect together — incredibly fun, caring, and the most awesome cooks around.
  • Lori reads a ton. She reads more than I do and I’m a librarian. Lori inhales books. We have always had that in common and I love it.
  • No matter how old she is, Lori will always be child-like. I know, that sounds kind of like childish, but there’s a difference. Lori always approaches the world with a sense of possibility and creativity and fun. She tries new things. She makes a point of having a good time. She nows how to play. Play, play, play. Lori excels at it. I need to learn how to do that.
  • Lori is remarkably generous and loving. She has shown so much love to my little family. She comes from a very loving and affectionate family who have also been kind to me.
  • Lori is a dancing queen. We have done so much dancing together in our lives. All those school dances and then bars and parties. Lori is my favorite dance partner.
  • Lori likes to dress up for Halloween. Not just dress up, but DRESS UP. And host incredible parties. I wonder if that started during college when we dressed up as our alter egos and met a bunch of guys at the midnight showing for A Clockwork Orange. Or, maybe it had to do with being such big fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show back in the day.
  • Rock and roll. Lori and I used to co-host a radio show called This Is Not the 80’s. Music has always tied us together, like books have. I love that we can still talk about music and go to shows together.
  • Her writing. Duh. That’s why I initiated this blog. It was purely selfish. I just wanted to encourage her to write more and let me read it.
  • Finally, her ability to forgive. About 10 years ago, she forgave me for being an idiot, and I am profoundly grateful.


Happy birthday, my dear friend. I love you.



  1. Just got back from a lovely deck-top dinner on the sound with some good friends (where your presence and laughter was greatly missed, Hannah) to find your birthday message on the machine and heart-wrenching post, made even more potent by the fact that you’ve been sick all day. You have always had the wonderful ability to express how you feel so well; where most of us are dumbfounded with what to write on the inside of a birthday card, you can come up with something like this!

    Thank you for this beautiful gift, your friendship, and the passion you put into everything that you do. I’m so glad for our enduring friendship.

    I love you, too, Hannah. Don’t ever forget. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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