Posted by: loripalooza | August 21, 2008

Summer Olympics 2008

Dear World-wide Web/public/handful of folks who read this blog:

Please excuse Lori’s absence these last couple of weeks as she has not been feeling well. She, and the rest of the household, seem to have been afflicted with what can only be described as Ledicus Butticus.  All three family members have been confined to the leather couch in the media room, and are displaying the common symptoms of the illness:  jaws hanging open causing severe dry-mouth, sudden increases in pulse and temperature accompanied by unexpected bouts of Tourettes, and the occasional leakage of water from the tear ducts.   The family seems to have succumbed to this world-wide epidemic which hits every four years for approximately two weeks at the height of summer.  It is expected that this following Monday the disease will have run its course.

Thoughts From the Sick Couch:

  • Wow, it really is so much easier to watch TV than to turn the computer on.
  • They’re all so young and healthy!  You could bounce quarters off those abs!
  • Yay, American women’s crew!  Why did I quit crew after two weeks in college? Oh yeah, getting up at the crack of dawn to run,  then drag the sculls out to the freezing cold, mist-covered lake, only to stay cold because they were training me to be coxswain.  Because I was ‘spunky.” 
  • Its a good thing Michael Phelps swims with a cap on–those ears could cause some serious drag-time, physically perfect swimming machine body or not.
  • Badminton is an Olympic event?  Of course, in a more competitive, aggressive moment in our backyard I wrenched my neck from playing the game and lost a day of work…
  • Have got to remember to shift positions once in a while–getting a sore muscle from leaning on this pillow!
  • Watching all this running is making me hungry.
  • I’m not so sure “World’s Fastest Woman” is such a great title to own.
  • (while watching Fructis commercial):  I wish my hair would get frizzy!  Flat flat flat
  • Reenacting that woman’s hurdle fall was not my greatest idea–rug burn! Ow!
  • What do they mean, it’s a tie? 
  • Maybe that Chinese girl will fall tomorrow…just a little fall.
  • My gymnasic mount into bed was not met with rousing applause, but laughter.  As intended.
  • shirking shirking shirking all responsibilities la la la
  • How late do you have to be paying bills before the wolves are at the door?
  • I vote for purple Levi’s!
  • Stick it Stick it Stick it!!!
  • The Stro-Mo camera is awesome!!!!!
  • No splash No splash No splash
  • Sixteen years old, my patootie!
  • Whoa! Beach volleyball patootie! Don’t they chaff?
  •  Nice! I wonder if she practiced this pose?
  • I’d like to see someone get out on the track in a pair of old beat up Converse hi-tops and those thin cotton gym shorts with the piping on the edge from the seventies and show up all the silver, gold, shiny shoes collecting medals.
  • Rather ironic that I haven’t even taken a walk lately because I’m watching all the most physically fit people in the world. 
  • I think my arm-pit hair has stopped growing.  I wonder if that’s normal?
  • The trendy tape on the legs, shoulders and what-not is pretty cool.  Wonder if it really helps?  I want some!
  • Hey!  She fell!  I’m a witch!


  1. Great rundown. I’ve been surprised how much I’ve gotten out of the Olympics this time around. Lots of very compelling stories and competition. Is it just me or is Misty May Trainer scary? I sure wouldn’t want to be the one to accidentally step on her toe. She’s kind of the antithesis of Shawn Johnson. I hate to say it but she’s as cute as a bug’s ear. I really wanted to dislike Usain Bolt, but, damn! He walks the walk (and he’s immensely more likable the Carl Lewis – guess that’s not saying much). … and there’s no way in hell that Chinese girl is 16. No way. I know 16 year old girls, and she is no 16 year old girl. 😉

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