Posted by: loripalooza | August 4, 2008

Music Music Music!

Nothing can make you realize that you’re not in your 20’s anymore faster than four days in a row of summertime fun–two of those “school nights.”  I’ve gone days without even turning our home computer on, and put a load of laundry in the washer at midnight, then flipped it over to the dryer upon waking so we could have clean undies for work–we’ve been that kind of busy.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

The Dusty 45s  I’ve heard of these guys for years, huge local Seattle following and such, and am sad to say I never made the effort to see them, especially since the lead guitar player, Jerry Battista, is like a cousin to me (our dads have been best friends since they were 9).  But when I saw they were playing last Wednesday as part of the (free) University Village Summer Concert series, we headed down after work, snagged a spot in the beer garden and were properly and thoroughly entertained.  For their last song, Billy Joe, (he played Buddy Holly in the recent 5th Avenue production of The Buddy Holly Story) the lead singer and trumpet player, came out and played with his horn on fire!!!   After the set we were invited to see Jerry’s other band, the Davanos, who play every Wednesday night at the Rim Rock Steak House & Tavern in Lake City, no cover.

The Davanos  Okay, we were digging the rockabilly, the Herb Albert, the surf guitar of the Dustys (as those in the know were calling them), but to sit at a table three feet away from Jerry just assaulting his guitar with tough love, a drummer who was like Animal from the Muppets come alive, his wispy hair floating up magically around his face as he sang Creedence and Joe Cocker, and very cool bass player (what bass player isn’t though?)  in a kitchybar, with his wife (favorite quote of the night: “What can I say? Chicks dig my husband!”) and mom and other friends was almost beyond compare. They played everything from Steve Earle to a punk version of Tom Jone’s “Delilah” to Santana, with amazing talent and style, very obviously having a good time doing it.  Danced a little, sang a little, lifted a few glasses, stayed out way too late but it was well worth the ringing ears and morning yawns.  

Steely Dan    Thursday we put on our rain coats and cowboy hats and headed for the Chateau St. Michelle winery for the incomparable Steely Dan. I’m pretty sure Joe knew every word to every song, because these guys were at their peak when we were in high school, after all. It was a good show and we were with good company, but of all the outdoor concerts I’ve been to, this was the first time I’ve ever been rained on, and despite our foul weather gear towards the end I was fantasizing about our fluffy soft bamboo towels waiting for us at home on the towel-bar warmer.

Dinner Club  Our little group has been hard-pressed to find a time when we could all get together the last few months, so despite it being Friday night we hustled over after work to the hosts’ beautiful house in the Wedgwood area for a fantastic meal on their candlelit deck. During appetizers Joe whipped up a Pomegranate Martini; a welcome tasty treat.  Then, like something out of a gourmet magazine, each course appeared in front of us, (they used to own the popular seafood restaurant Seattle Style) the highlight being halibut with a delectable butter-rich shrimp and crab sauce.  After stuffing ourselves, we stayed outside and sang and played the guitar under the stars and mosquito net.  Good friends, good food, good times. 

Backyard Barbecue Blowout  Day 4.  Not your ordinary BBQ, this. We’re talking huge spread in Woodinville, maybe a hundred people, a whole pig (and a half) on a rotisserie, and tables heavily laden with grilled salmon, side dishes, salads, desserts, and a band they saw playing at the Red Hook Brewery and hired for the night.  I’m sorry to say I don’t remember their name, but they were great, too!  Here’s the salad we contributed:  Watermelon, Feta and Olive Salad.  And now, back to work for a week of rest.


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