Posted by: hannah jo | July 29, 2008

Latest DVD and Video Viewing


Have you seen this movie yet? It’s about Ian Curtis, the late lead singer of Joy Division (I almost said “seminal post-punk band Joy Division” but how irritating would that have been?). Loved this movie. Be sure to watch the additional footage of Joy Division performing “Transmission.” Amazing.

The Darjeeling Limited

Why did I let negative reviews keep me from watching this movie earlier? I should have known to ignore them. I love all of Wes Anderson’s movies, even the ones that get bad reviews.

My So-Called Life

I can’t believe how well this TV show has held up since its original 1995 release. My heart breaks for Brian Krakow, the neighborhood brainiac who worships Anglea Chase, but has no chance with her. When he tools around the neighborhood on his bike, just hoping for a glimpse of her — ouch. So painful and true.

Nick Cave singing Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

Not a DVD, but a video on YouTube that Mike told me about. Oh my god. There is nobody cooler than Nick Cave. If you have a couple of spare Nick Cave tickets sitting around for one of his upcoming Seattle shows, I’d love to take them off your hands.



  1. I thought Darjeeling was pretty all right, but man, did I ever hate The Life Aquatic.

    Also, yeah, Nick Cave is only slightly less cool than Tom Waits. But Tom Waits is just a smidge cooler, I’m afraid.

  2. I haven’t seen Control but will track it down on your suggestion. Also, if anyone hasn’t seen 24 Hour Party People it touches on Joy Division (into New Order) amongst other Manchester bands. I don’ t know that it’s historically accurate but it does a good job of catching the spirit of the music and times. It’s also very funny.

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