Posted by: hannah jo | July 20, 2008

Literary Tattoos

Here’s another cool site I’ve become fascinated with. It features photos of literary tattoos.

I’ve been thinking about tattoos a lot lately because many of my co-workers have them — tattoos of stars seem to be the most popular among library workers. I think I’ll probably get one of a lily one day, when my own Lily leaves home. I just might have to get a literary one, too, though. I love this quote from Vonnegut, shown at right, and the classic typewriter look about it. It would be just my luck, though, to commit to a literary tattoo and then have one of the words misspelled.



  1. I didn’t know that was a Vonnegut quote! A favorite band of mine, Tompaulin, has an album with that line as a title:

  2. I’d strongly suggest selecting a quote from a dead author. What if, after careful deliberation, you had your favorite Amy Tan quote tattooed on your inner arm. The next day you pick up the paper and find that she’s been exposed as a holicaust denier, puppy torturer, or Red Sox fan.

    Remember, someone out there has been wearing a turtle neck sweater every day since 1997 to hide that Gary Glitter neck tattoo …

  3. Have you seen this business?

  4. […] a year and a half ago when I wrote a little post about literary tattoos? Well, I’ve been thinking more about […]

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