Posted by: hannah jo | July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joe!

I know I’m maybe a jerk for wishing Lori’s husband a public Happy Birthday before Lori does, but I’ll bet she’s too busy hosting his various parties to jump online to do this. But, I do want to say loud and clear “Happy Birthday!” and let you know that I am grateful each and every day that you and Lori found each other and got married. Your kindness, generosity, sense of humor, loyalty, creativity, intelligence, and tolerance all go way above and beyond what anybody would have a right to expect from another human being.

If I had more time right now, I would share some of my favorite Joe stories with the Internet, but we’re busy getting ready to go to your house to give you some little gifts, so the stories will have to wait until another time. Till then, though, thank you for being such a good friend to our little family. We love you more than we can ever say. Here’s to a wonderful birthday, filled with the love you so richly deserve.



  1. Ditto that! I have a funny Joe story I keep forgetting to tell you. Back in March I was making some custom soap for our St. Patrick’s Day party. I did it an even quicker, easier way than usual where I just melted some bulk soap and poured it into Celtic knot molds. So, I had the slab of light beige colored soap on a cutting board in the kitchen and was in the pantry melting smaller blocks of soap in the microwave, Nathan was eating a sandwich at the dining table, and Joe comes in and sees the soap sitting there with a knife beside it. Nathan says he got all sneaky and cut a hunk off the soap and popped it in his mouth, and before he could stop him Joe was chewing away! All I heard were cries of horrified actualization from both parties, and when I came out of the pantry Joe was desperately rinsing the soap he thought was cheese out of his mouth, and Nathan was spewing sandwich from laughing so hard at the look on Joe’s face.

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