Posted by: loripalooza | July 2, 2008

Slow Day at the Office

I don’t usually just outright goof-off at work, as I was raised with a strong work ethic (one of my first jobs was working for my dad in a sporting goods store, and if it was slow you refolded things, straightened displays, had a dust rag in your hand at all times and used it, by God!), but I’m totally caught up on my tasks, there is no deadline to be met today, and there are only two other people here right now, neither of which is The Man. So….

*I haven’t entered a new job in over a week! Seem to be in a bit of a summer slow down. Wonder if there’s anything interesting in Monster?

*I suppose I could file the things that are neatly stacked in my TO BE FILED folder, but they haven’t reached the proper age yet, where they’ve lost their timely value and get filed in the recycle bin.

*There is the bright red ACTIVE folder, aka Limbo Land. A couple old things get tossed, a couple go into the TO BE FILED folder, and here I am again!

*At least typing looks like I’m doing something. Especially with my Super Concentration Face. Not to be confused with the Slightly Confused, What’s This Stupid Computer Up to Now Face.

*I do have Garage Band, but it’s a bit noisy…so how about Photo Booth? Here’s a little slice-of-life shot from a cold day in the office not too long ago:

*The UPS guy just delivered some office supplies, slamming in through the door like a gun slinger walking into a saloon, a little cloud of truck dust swirling off his brown shorts, his fancy electronic clipboard strapped low on his hip–his trusty six-shooter.

*I wish I had a teeny vacuum cleaner, Hoover style, for my Persian rug mouse pad. Perhaps a little on-line shopping? Oh Wait! Here we go! Another case of If You Can Think of It Someone Else Probably Has Too, (and then put it on You Tube).

*Hey! There’s something called Time Machine in my Applications file!!! Back in a flash! Heh-heh…. Nope, turns out it’s just a back-up deal for everything on the computer. They should rename it something less intriguing, if you ask me.

*List of personal items on my desk: copper gecko on rock; red proofing pen with Devil Duckie pen-topper stabbed into red rubber pen holder man; wood framed photo of Joe at Heather Lake from a few years ago, smiling at me with more brown in his hair than silver!; decorative purple swirly-etched stone heart; shiny red Sigg bottle with Persian type design, sitting on Persian-rug coaster that matches my mouse pad; photo of Nathan laughing, wearing bandanna on head; Kokopelli bookmark attached to file holder keeping files from flopping over; magnets from Hannah with those vintage style office women saying “she was comforted by the knowledge that they were helpless without her,” “she had her own special nickname for him,” and “she kind of enjoyed working for an idiot.”; flexible orange and yellow magnetic cat climbing between in-basket slots; pewter heart with wings that fits in the center of my palm.

All right kids, The Man just burst in through the door tromping across the floor with his heavy flat feet toward his mail slot where he glanced at what I thought was not junk mail before chucking it in the recycle bin. He smells vaguely of movie-theater popcorn… I’d go look for a dust rag if the cleaning service wasn’t scheduled to come in tonight.



  1. I LOVE the USB mini vac! That is a must-have item!

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