Posted by: hannah jo | June 26, 2008

Another reason I love Ballard

The Post Office. That’s one of the reasons I love Ballard. Specifically, the Ballard Station at 5706 17th Ave NW, where the kindest, most patient people on Earth work behind the counter.

I’ve been going to the same post office for so many years now and most of the same guys still work there behind the counter and they’re still always very nice to me and I totally don’t get it. Don’t they want to wring my neck when they see me coming with my weird-sized packages and all of my questions about how much it costs to mail each package in every possible way, even though they know I’ll always choose Priority Mail with no insurance?

Don’t they get sick of me wanting to look at every stamp option available and mulling them over more carefully than I’ve ever reviewed a legal contract and then buying a measly few of each kind so I can have a variety and so they have to tear those tiny little pieces of paper carefully apart with their big man hands while one or two dozen irritated people wait in line behind me praying that I will be hit by lightning and killed instantly?

Don’t they ever get tired of ALL of us, all of us needy, uninformed procrastinators who show up and make everything much more complicated and stressful than it needs to be, especially during the month of December?

If they do, they don’t show it. I don’t know how they do it, but they consistently treat us with so much courtesy and friendliness that I sometimes wonder if they’re Disney animatronic characters and not really real human beings. I have no idea how they can always be so willing to listen to our ridiculous demands and then treat us so respectfully.

I went there last week to mail a package and buy some stamps. There were those same guys who are always working there and somehow they still seemed to be happy to be there. I was helped by an older gentleman with white hair and glasses (I don’t know his name) who has helped me many, many times before and he was just as lovely as ever. I spent a grand total of $14.68 (one package to Vancouver, one book of Love: All Heart stamps, and 4 Tropical Fruit postcard stamps) and that was the most satisfying $14.68 I’ve spent in a long time.

The great thing, though, is that there was a URL at the bottom of my receipt, with a request: “TELL US ABOUT YOUR RECENT POSTAL EXPERIENCE.” So, I did. I was able to rave about my Ballard Post Office and maybe they’ll hear how much I appreciate them. It was a joy to fill out the survey and say, yes, they were Excellent at “Making you feel that you were not being rushed” and “Seeming pleased to help you” and all the rest. They were excellent at everything! Now, how often do you get to say that?

Thank you, Ballard Post Office!


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