Posted by: loripalooza | May 30, 2008


Number of Days Joe’s Been Gone: 11; feels like 33

Movies Watched: Into the Wild

Movies Watched, (but don’t count because I stumbled across them with the remote, and they were just on, ya know?, free, and lame): Bewitched, The Wedding Date (this was on right after Bewitched)

Books Read: Bonk (although I was reading this when he left), The Girl With No Shadow, Attack of the Theater People, Bel Canto, The Nasty Bits (also in progress when Joe left)

Nights I’ve Stayed Up Too Late Reading on a Work Night: 8

Pounds Lost: 3

Boxes of Wheat Thins Consumed: 1

Phone Calls Received from Asia: 5

Phone Calls Received from Naked Man in China: 1

Mornings I Have Not Allowed the Alarm to Ring…Play: 12, because I sleep in fear of the alarm, and wake up like a highly-trained Navy Seal to turn it off before it startles me

(This Just In!) Mornings I’ve Been Late to Work Because I’ve Become Hopelessly Entangled in My New Freakin’ Wrap-Around Sweater, and Can’t Figure it Out Without My Non-Spatially Impaired Husband: 1, AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!!

Full Dinners Made: 3, “full” being a main course and a side

Police Songs Stuck in My Head: 2; The Bed’s Too Big Without You and So Lonely

Ice Cream I Consider My Friend: Tillamook’s Marionberry Pie

Days I’ve Missed My Husband: Every, and more



  1. What is it that makes us wake up right before an alarm? Do clocks emit some scary and potentially brain-cancerish signals directly to our brains? And why doesn’t it happen to everyone? And what did you think of Attack of the Theater People? Great list, by the way … Send your friend Marion over to me, please …

  2. That sweater is complicated….

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