Posted by: loripalooza | May 26, 2008

OMG! I’m such a Textophobe!

I know you’re all probably getting twitchy and nervous about my co-post-host(ess), wondering about the wayward off-the-grid Hannah, but I know for a fact you’ll be hearing from her shortly because I just snuck a look at a draft of hers. Ha! Co-administrator privilege rules!

I just wanted to share with someone that I just sweated through a very complex and detailed text message to Joe.  I’ve only sent a very simple one once before, preferring voice mail if I can’t talk in person, so it felt like a very big deal, especially for someone like me who has been known to experience physical pain (or at least some audible moaning) at lack of punctuation, and am not hip to text lingo (this looked up after the fact, and I find it hard to believe Nude Club is such a common texting item it has its own code). I do admit I had to call my son for help on how to clear mistakes, (the button that says CLEAR) which was immensely helpful. Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that Joe gets the message, as he’s in Shenzhen, China and I’m sure he doesn’t want our bank putting a hold on his debit card, which is what the message was all about. (I did call the number left on the answering machine to try to straighten it out, but when the recorded message at the ATM Debit Customer Protection Department asked if I was Joe to press 1, or not to press 2, and I did, because I’m not, it said basically, “oh, we’re sorry I guess we left the message at a wrong number!”  Plus it’s Memorial Day in this country, so Banks=Closed, Lori=SOL.)

I don’t know whether to roll my eyes, like the apparently very un-hip old fart I am, at all the people I see simultaneously walking and texting, or stalk them for a while in admiration, hoping maybe I could learn something.  Okay, that’s a lie. I’m rolling my eyes. Although, since I am totally into email, I just now discovered a way to combine the two, emailing to a cell phone, at this site–lifehacker, which I wish I would have researched before spending half an hour beeping the tiny buttons on my cell. I’m going to try it out right now!

TTFN! Hey, I know another one! Thanks to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh…



  1. OMG — I don’t have the first freaking clue how to send a text message. My cell phone is ancient. I don’t know if I can even send a text message from it. If I do get a cell phone that has texting abilities, though, I’ll be sure to call Nathan for help!

  2. Imho, txtg is gr8! So better than f2f. LOL! Qk & f ishnt.WNWW?

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