Posted by: hannah jo | May 10, 2008

Two charming men

This past week has kind of blown my mind. I met two charming men, both authors, nothing alike, but each fabulous in his own way.

marc acitoOn Tuesday, I met Marc Acito at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop where he was signing his new book, Attack of the Theater People. I got a big kick out of his first book, How I Paid for College, so I wanted to be sure to get his new book and meet him when I had the chance. His writing is so damn funny, so it was great to find out that he’s just as funny in person. Plus, he’s friendly, adorable, charming and immensely easy to talk to. I floated back to work on huge happy clouds of delight after meeting him.

On Friday, I met Dinaw Mengestu, the author of The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears, which was the Seattle Reads book this year (and one of the books I reviewed in an article I wrote for Seattle Woman magazine last summer). Was Mr. Mengestu charming? Oh my, yes. And articulate, thoughtful, funny, humble and so damn smart. The talk he gave at The Seattle Public Library last night was probably the best author event I’ve ever attended, and as you can imagine, I’ve attended quite a few. Meeting him before that event was an honor (and a great deal of fun, too — thanks, Linda!). My friend Misha wrote about Mr. Mengestu over at the Book Group Buzz blog. Check out her excellent post and, yes, the fine, fine photo.

Thanks, guys, for being such wonderful writers and such charming men. You helped make it a wonderful week.



  1. Thanks for being such a loyal fan. Flattery will get you everywhere. Thanks also for posting about my books. Getting a novel noticed is an uphill climb and I need all the sherpas I can get.

    Best wishes,


  2. OMG, you got an author post–how cool! You were on Cloud 9 after meeting him!

    Thanks also for the shout out, my dear!

  3. I was floating in your extra happiness (it seemed to be spilling out of you) after you met Marc Acito — especially since you brought ME a book with his jazz-handy autograph. I am sooo totally loving “Attack of the Theater People.” About half way through, and I am yearning for tonight when I can get back to it.

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