Posted by: hannah jo | May 3, 2008

Today’s four letter word

is DIET. I hate to use that word. It’s such a stupid word, full of shame and resignation. But, when I try to use other words for it, I just sound like an idiot. I’m not on a diet, I’m eating less. I’m exercising more. I’m watching what I eat. I’m making better choices. See, they all sound like lame euphemisms for the sad fact that I’m trying to become less fat.

So, I’ve been following the very simple approach of eating less and exercising more, without following any specific diet plans or rules or guidelines and it’s actually working, which means I can fit into some older clothes now that I haven’t worn in a while. I’ve lost just a little bit of weight, but it already feels like a huge improvement and is motivating me to stick to my goal of losing ten pounds.

It’s not hard, but it’s not easy, either. My life is so damn full that it takes a ridiculous amount of effort just to find time to exercise each day. I’m not great about taking my lunch to work, so buying healthy food near work is challenging. There’s a Chocolati coffee cart on the floor of the building where I work, for Christ’s sake!

The four letter word will go out the window on our vacation, of course, because going to Paris and avoiding almond croissants would be insane, right?! Until then, pastries are safe around me. Finally.



  1. I am SO there with you on this four-letter-word. I told myself that during my time away I would eat less, but there is always lots of good food here! Not that that’s an excuse. But now that there’s so much yummy summer fruit on the horizon, I intend to make better snacking choices. BTW, my son’s favorite work right now is “SNACK!” (“ROCK” is a close second).

  2. I’m with you and Misha! Onto that treadmill I will heavily trod! Right after I write this food post….

  3. I read Lori’s food post and wished I were a foodie. Then I read the four-letter word post and wished I were running around Green Lake. Anyway, I can’t use the word “diet” without going into licorice withdrawal. But I can definitely be more active, and the extra light at night seems like a gift for that. But ice cream season is coming …

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