Posted by: loripalooza | April 29, 2008

Puddin’ Head

Joe and I recently discovered an independently owned barbecue-joint quite conveniently located, not just at the bottom of the hill from our house, but very close to where Joe’s bus lets him off after work–Casper’s.  When I’m too tired to rustle up some dinner on a weeknight and/or just too lazy to peel the sweats off and put some real pants on and get out of the house searching for sustenance, (or it’s Joe’s turn to cook),  this little southern-inspired supper shack is the ticket!  The dinners are slow-smoked and flavorful, the sides a worthy complement, (sweet potato fries-my lord!), and the banana puddin’ (we have yet to hear the ‘g’ spoken there) inspires poetry! Or at least a haiku:

Bubba’s Banana Puddin’

ooey gooey sin

Nilla Wafers sweetly drown


or  (alternate ending)

bite for bite my sweet downfall


Can ya’ll say yum?


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