Posted by: loripalooza | April 5, 2008

Book Daze

I’m so excited, because I just realized that next weekend is the Friends of the Seattle Public Library spring book sale!  Hannah turned me on to this several years ago, and while I’ve missed a few, those I have made it to have been well worth it, on several levels. 

First of all, the location is at Sand Point, which drips heavy with nostalgia for me. It’s a former Navy base, and passing through the gates to wander around the towering abandoned hangars, red-brick quarters and breathe in the neat and tidy open air about the place make me feel like I’m returning to an old home. I even marched about the tarmac during regattas during a brief nerdy-but-fun stint as a Sea Scout in high school, and actually slept and showered in those barracks, climbed ropes like a little sailor-monkey in those hangars.  And during this twice-yearly sale one of those very hangars is filled with books.

Books, book stores and libraries are like comfort food for my soul.  Throw in some well worn hard wood floors and a hot cup of coffee and we’re talking mac-and-cheese-hot-from-the-oven type of comfort food;  what could be better?  Well, a chilly hangar filled with books might not equal that level of purr, but the sheer abundance and affordabilty–an average of a buck for a book, people!–is heart palpitating, wide-eyed good times!  Cheap retail therapy.  Last time I arrived with an empty backpack and one of my woven shopping baskets and came out loaded down for about $20.  I actually called my mother to let her know what a good bargain hunter I had been (this is a rarity on my part–the thriftiness–okay, and maybe calling my mother). 

Joe usually goes for the photography books, and sifts through sheet music, while I consult a list I keep from recommendations and reviews, and just browse with the leisure of the rich. But a lot of the time you’ll see a book you’ve been drawn to in the bookstores that you pick up and are interested in, might even carry around a while but end up putting back because you get distracted or are just not interested enough to buy it right then–and here it is, a pristine hard copy, for a dollar!  Suddenly, you’re interested again!  So, sharpen up those elbows and grab your roomiest duffle bag, rolling luggage, or the neighbor’s dolly and head on down to Sand Point next weekend! Make your mama proud.


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