Posted by: hannah jo | April 2, 2008

Nice Squared

I am safely back in Seattle, after a wonderful trip to Minneapolis for the PLA Conference, and am still getting my act together. Thank you, Lori, for writing such entertaining posts while I was away. I did have 24 hours of Internet connectivity while I was away, but I spent most of that time working, not doing personal stuff.

Those people in Minneapolis — they sure are nice! Really. They knocked me out. Whether it was at the post office, where I had a very enjoyable time boxing up and mailing lots of books back home with the help of an incredibly kind postal employee, or at the library, where some helpful librarians told me how to take light rail to the airport for $1.50 instead of taking a $30 cab there, almost every person I interacted with was friendly and helpful.

The librarians and other library workers at my conference were all nice, too. Really, really nice. I’ve already gotten email messages from some of the librarians, vendors, and publishers I met there, offering helpful information.

The only exception to all of this nice was at the hotel where I stayed. Oh, that hotel. So expensive (for most people, but I got a heavily discounted conference rate), so lavish, so snooty, so not interested in public servants such as myself. I did love having a TV in the bathroom, though, I have to admit.

I’ve been incredibly busy since returning to Seattle and I’m hoping to kind of catch my breath on Friday when I have a day off from work. So, if I owe any of you an email message (or more), you’ll probably hear from me then, unless I’m with Lily nonstop, which would actually be an excellent way to spend the day. That girl, she cracks me up.


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