Posted by: loripalooza | March 20, 2008


I was just tearing the house apart looking for the camera to shoot a couple photos of my recently composed book stack art (Sorted Books Project) to share and realized it went away with Joe to Hawaii.  So those will have to be saved for a later date.

However, after reading Hannah’s post I was scanning over my junk email at work, (because no matter how powerful your filter is those pesky little buggers come through, they just sit in a junk folder taking up space until getting deleted–viciously) to see if any real emails didn’t make it through, and I realized that like book titles the subject headings could easily be taken and re-formed to create something entirely new.  Junk Email Poetry.  Art.  Spam-ku. 

 I wasn’t too surprised to find it wasn’t an original idea, but it has made me look at those emails in a more positive light.  In fact I almost look forward to them now!  The following (short but sweet?) were gleaned from just one day’s worth of junk mail:

The solution to upsizing

I abandoned my Disney watch for a Chanel timepiece

I wanted to punish myself


Because of a bet

Nipples like raisins


Give a gift with meaning

Celebrity camel toes



  1. Those are awesome! Thanks for the laughs.

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