Posted by: loripalooza | March 19, 2008

Dream On

Joe had this funny dream the other night about Barack Obama.  He was telling it to a group of friends at a party which sparked a great discussion interpreting the dream. 

I’m too tired and feeling a bit cross-eyed (a car alarm went off in our neighborhood at 4AM this morning followed shortly after by the real alarm as Joe had to leave early for a work-trip, plus I was sleeping supernaturally light anyway in fear of him sleeping through the alarm and missing his flight), to do anything more than pass this on, so enjoy!

Oh, I do have one, small side-comment on this woman’s site–I saw the original Joe submitted and was surprised to see the woman did a little, in my opinion, unnecessary (and a bit sloppy) editing.  In fact, for some reason she even dropped a year off his age!  Seems like a simple cut-and-paste would have been easier for her….but what do I know?  It’s a fun read anyway.

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