Posted by: hannah jo | March 17, 2008

Sorted Books Project

primitive art

I found out about the very cool Sorted Books Project thanks to an e-mail newsletter from the American Library Association. You really should click through and check these out. Then, click on each image on the page to see each full series.

What are they? They’re books sorted in a way that allows you to read the spines from top to bottom and make some kind of sense of them. That “sense” varies from collection to collection.

An Arts librarian where I work organized a similar exhibit last year, which I loved. When she originally explained it to me, I got chills. Together, we randomly selected books from the shelves and created poetry from the titles on the spine. It was so quick and satisfying.

Do you live or work around a lot of books? Give it a try!



  1. Can’t wait to get home and try this! I’ll post a picture if I come up with anything decent.

    I do have some books arranged in such a way to bring about a smile, mostly due to ironic juxtaposition; say, having the globe perched on top of Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance.

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