Posted by: hannah jo | March 11, 2008

Bustin’ a gut

We had an excellent weekend, but the thing I’ll remember most about it in the future is how hard Lily made me laugh. Like, tears rolling down my face, having to cross my legs so I don’t pee my pants laughing. Begging her to stop talking so I wouldn’t laugh any more and have an accident. 

It’s clear that her love of Lucille Ball has helped her become an excellent mimic and comic (when she wants to be). Lily was re-enacting an event from her school day that involved an adult giving instructions that were impossible to follow because the adult’s speech was so sloppy. Lily perfectly imitated someone saying “multiple choice question” in a way that was just barely intelligible, and then listing off some incomprehensible options after that. Oh my god. She was so funny.

After all the laughing (and, okay, I guess it could be seen as encouragement), Andy looked at us with a perfectly straight face and said, “And the moral message here is that you should never make fun of people with a speech impediment.”


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