Posted by: hannah jo | March 7, 2008

It all makes sense now

Actually, it doesn’t, but at least I feel less paranoid at work now. I had an e-mail exchange with the man in charge of the janitorial staff, asking him if there was any chance that one of the night crew might have moved my books for me the other night. He assured me that he really couldn’t imagine one of his staff doing such a thing, but that he’d talk to the night supervisor just to be sure (or, in other words, to share a laugh about the crazy lady).

Well, what do you know, the night supervisor spoke to his staff and, in fact, one of them DID put my books in another librarian’s desk. The explanation was that they were found on the floor and then put in the drawers as part of tidying up.


I still have no idea how they a) ended up on the floor or b) why anyone would choose to put them IN THE DRAWERS OF A DESK SEVERAL FEET AWAY instead of just, I don’t know, laying them on the immaculate desk top right above those drawers, but I’ll take it.

Now, onto the weekend, which officially starts today for me, hooray! I get three days off and they’re already feeling quite booked. But it’s 11 a.m. on Friday and I’m still in my pajamas, so that’s excellent.

Possible outings this weekend include:

— Going to the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show at Qwest Field.

— Going to see the Girls Rock! movie at SIFF Cinema.

— Going to my union meeting tonight to approve (or not, I suppose) a new 3-year contract.

— Going clothing shopping with Lily, who is now, finally, somewhat interested in clothes.

— Visiting friends.

— Reading an advance copy of The Art of Racing in the Rain in preparation for a luncheon meeting with the author and my pal Linda on Tuesday to talk about how libraries and librarians can help him promote his new book.

— Attending a reunion of people I worked with a l-o-n-g time ago at a company, where I was the manager of Technical Support for three years.

— Watching the last seven episodes of The Sopranos, which we currently have on DVD from the library.

Maybe if I start RIGHT NOW, I could view all seven of those Sopranos episodes before my union meeting tonight! Whatever you have planned for the weekend, I hope you have a good one.


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