Posted by: loripalooza | March 5, 2008

Scooter Pie

As I was dressing for work this morning I took a glance out the window to see what attire would be most befitting for the day and saw beautiful blue skies and sunshine. I chose to ignore the heavy frost covering the deck and yard, and wrestled into some long-john bottoms, jeans and a cowl-necked wool sweater. Topping it off with my warm quilted Aussie jacket, leopard print sunglasses, leather gloves and boots, and a motorcycle helmet tucked under my arm I stepped outside. For the next 15 glorious, sometimes frigid, minutes this morning I was Scooter Girl! Zipping down the hill towards Puget Sound steaming up my face mask, the way-cool recycled Keen material messenger bag I got for Christmas strapped across my chest (when you open it, it lights up inside!), hair streaming behind me like a bright red flag, idiotic grin plastered against my frozen cheeks, I was 20 years younger; the quintessential Seattle scooter rider.

After stripping off the long-johns, brushing out the tangled hair, and wrapping my fingers around a hot cuppa, I not-so-miraculously transformed into my work-day alter-ego, Ball-Bustin’ Office Manager. Alternately feared and loved by all. Now I’m thinking up ways for Hannah to put the thumb-screws to the prankster co-worker/cleaning crew/poltergeist at the library, while I dash with lightning speed to the copier, to the printer, to the phone, to my computer…oh, an email that must be answered right away? We need light bulbs? Need that report proofed? Schedule a pick-up? No problem, got it covered.

It’s still sunny. Can’t wait ’til five….

Scooter Girl


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