Posted by: hannah jo | March 4, 2008

Worker Bee Breakdown

You know, I almost always love my job. Today, though, was the pits. If you’d rather not read a brief rant about work, then go to this site, instead.

This is the stupidest story in the whole world and I apologize in advance because it seems so ridiculous, but I know it will be therapeutic to type it out real quickly.

When I showed up to work this morning before 8 a.m., three books that I had left on my desk last night (at 8 p.m., because I worked till closing) were missing. They were important books that I needed for a book group meeting today at noon. But, they were gone. Lots of other stuff was still on my desk, many books and tapes that I never would have missed, frankly, but those three critical books had vanished.

I retraced all my steps from last night’s shift and checked all of the various spots where I might have left them (even though I was 99% certain of EXACTLY where I had left them). I went through book carts, book displays, book shelves, you name it. I checked the tops of my co-workers’ desks. I looked under desks and behind desks.

My co-workers started arriving for work and had various levels of interest in my dilemma. Some were nice, but I could tell some were thinking, “Just get over it, you dope.” Finally, one of my co-workers noticed that she was missing an important notebook that she had left on top of her desk last night. Hmmm…. related, perhaps? She happened to open a drawer in her desk that she’s never used and her notebook wasn’t there, but guess what WAS there? Two of my missing books. And, in the lower drawer? The other missing book.

Okay, there they were, BUT WHY!!!!!????? So stupid, so ridiculous. But, it drove me insane and really made me mad. Did someone do this as a joke? Did they do it to be mean? Did they know that those were the three most important books on my desk?

I know it may have been completely random, but I took it kind of personally. I wasted more than an hour and a half trying to find those dumb books. Sadly, we never found my co-worker’s notebook. I even checked the refrigerator.

See, I told you it was stupid. But, guess what? I feel better now. Thank you!



  1. This is exactly the sort of thing that drives me nuts, too. I get it.

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