Posted by: hannah jo | February 26, 2008

“Make art! Make art!”

Despite the writers strike, it’s been a good year for awards shows (if you’re an awards show junkie like me). The Grammys were surprisingly good, with moments of greatness, even, and the Oscars were saved by Jon Stewart and a few nice surprises.

I know my friend Pam is not a fan of the Golden Globes, but I am because I like the loosey-goosey nature of tipsy stars having to push themselves away from tables laden with huge bottles of champagne and beautiful dinners, wondering if they have food in their teeth before giving their acceptance speeches. Sadly, the Golden Globes spectacle was shelved this year (awards were given, but there was no ceremony), but the Grammys and Oscars both made up for it.

Wasn’t it wonderful when the song Falling Slowly was chosen as Best Original Song? I was looking for some video footage of Glen Hansard’s and Marketa Irglova’s acceptance speeches to link to, but wouldn’t you know it, the stupid Academy has made sure that they don’t exist in the free world of the Internet. But, my friend Bob has included some of Ms. Irglova’s speech on his blog and my favorite part of Mr. Hansard’s speech is easy to quote: “Make art! Make art!”


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