Posted by: loripalooza | February 21, 2008


(Dare I say in Seattle? Okay, but with a grimace.)

We are without Wii.  I think we’re just generally slow on the whole technology thing.  We didn’t have a TV or VCR until about 11 years ago, and then it was only a 13-inch — small even for a computer monitor these days.  We upgraded to a DVD player only a couple years ago because the “video” stores weren’t puttin’ out. Last year, however, we made the leap to a big flat screen plasma, complete with cable and Internet/phone package, sending out a mass-email like it was a birth announcement.

Now we’ve got Wii envy, big time.  We’ve had a taste of it at other more Wii-worthy homes, and since then we’ve been peeking over the virtual fence at the cyan grass on the other side. To newbies such as ourselves, though, there are still so many channels to explore in the vast world of cable!

The other night, for instance, we stayed up way too late considering we had colds, but it was a weekend and we could, so we did, because we’re very immature that way -“Wanna watch a fourth episode in a row of The Office? Sure!” Giggling because the only parents around to hide from was ourselves. Still, we weren’t quite ready to disconnect from the disconnect so we started zipping around and what did we come across but karaoke! Who knew?  What I really didn’t know was how very, very bad two sniffling, hacking people could sound singing Elton John.  “Hold me closuh, tiny da-han-suh…” or Tony Danza to some people in this house…

 We also discovered the ultra-convenient Exercise TV,  perfect for those times when you’re just not motivated enough to put on a pair of shoes.  One quickie-workout we stumbled across is the 1-Mile Jog, hosted by this incredibly endorphin-happy woman whom I suspect is high.  On God.  “Jog, jog, jog!!!”  “Don’t you just feel thankful when you raise your arms?”  Which, of course, led me to call Joe randomly during the next day: “Hey, raise your arms. (pause)  Don’t you just feel thankful?”  The best part though is this brief shot where the cameraman gets bored or is suddenly feeling creative and sticks a giant plant leaf into the bottom of the frame.

So, until we catch up to the rest of the Wii world, we’ll be spelunking in the dark caves of the cable world.  Not virtually, mind you, just metaphorically.


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