Posted by: hannah jo | February 20, 2008

Total eclipse of the moon

Did you see the eclipse tonight? Amazing! 

Is there anyone my age who hears or reads about an eclipse of the moon and doesn’t think of Pink Floyd? One day, Lori and I should write about the albums that played huge roles in our lives as high school students — not necessarily our favorites, but the ones that define that time for us.

I never owned The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. I didn’t need to own it because almost everyone else did. Also, truth be told, I didn’t enjoy it that much. I was all about Wish You Were Here, though, which I did own — on 8-track tape.

Oh, look — the song Wish You Were Here is number 316 on Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The album falls higher on Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time — #209. 

How much time could you spend looking at those lists? See, this is all I need: access to those lists and a few snacks and I’d be good for days…



  1. Hannah:

    One of the WWU librarians turned out to be a demonstrative fan of what Kitty and I presented today at Online NW. On the way home I thought of your blog with the Dark Side reference. My Dark Side story took place during my first quarter at Western with a post-storm Sunset over the bay. I was trying to play at studying PSYCH 201 at the music listening room near where you guys ended up with KUGS. Two rough bearded herb infested townies, probably dubdub alum stumbled a request to the album operator and then settled in with headphones. You know I had to check out their channel. I think there was kind of a lull before one of them got up to get the side with Money started up. It kind of made a big impression on me.

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