Posted by: hannah jo | February 13, 2008

Bookcase of the day

I love stumbling onto blog features like this one: bookcase of the day.

Lori and I own lots of books. Lots and lots of books. My co-workers love to tease me because, often, when we’re talking about books, my response is, “No, I haven’t read it yet, but I own it.” It gets a laugh, every time.

Owning books is tricky, of course, because where do you put them all? Shelves, duh. But fitting all those shelves into a small house like mine, and then fitting all of those books onto those shelves is also challenging. Buying more bookshelves doesn’t help a great deal. They fill up instantly!

Even though my job requires me to be around thousands of books all day, I still never tire of looking at bookshelves, ever, anywhere. They are the equivalent of a security blanket for me — always comforting and reassuring and enlightening. Unless they’re empty…



  1. Those bookshelves are like works of art. Mine are like Dania slapped together cheapos crammed with books shoved in every whichway.

  2. Very cool blog find! Thank you, HJ!

  3. This is a great end to a super crappy day, because I am reading your blog and now looking at dream bookcases. But I have to say, some of these bookcases of the day are a little too art-as-decor for me. Which raises the question: How do you arrange your books? Let’s say you have all the shelf space in the world? Do you comingle your books with other people’s? Do the hardcover fiction titles mix with trade paperback fiction, or with nonfiction hardcovers of similar size and glossiness?

  4. Oops. I meant “books as decor.” Not art as decor. Although, either one is annoying …

  5. Accordion Guy in Toronto has pictures of some simply amazing bookcases.

    Now that’s engineering!

  6. […] Remember a couple of years ago when I linked to a site that had a Bookcase of the Day […]

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