Posted by: hannah jo | February 12, 2008

Weekend Update

I know it’s lame to be writing about my weekend on Tuesday morning, but I’m doing it anyway. It was possibly a historic weekend, one I will look back on for many years to come. Why? I voted for Barack Obama at our neighborhood caucus on Saturday. I’m just idealistic enough to think I might have helped make a difference in this country. And, not just me, of course, but everyone who turned out and voted that day, and all the other days during this long, somewhat confusing race for the presidential nomination.

Lily went with us and, when she wasn’t playing with one of her neighborhood friends, was pretty bored. But, I’m glad she was there. It was incredibly moving to see a big group of adults gather together to help chart the future of our country. They spoke passionately and intelligently. They listened to each other with respect. They allowed themselves to feel hopeful.

One of our neighbors, who had a very bad week last week and could have easily skipped the caucus for legitimate reasons, attended anyway. He chose to speak up for Obama and when he did, not only did he cry, but many of the rest of us in our precinct did, too. He told us that he was old enough to remember John F. Kennedy and that this is the first time since then that he felt we had a candidate who offered us the same kind of hope that JFK did. He listed the traits that Obama shares with JFK and had to pause quite often because he was so emotional. I can’t even think about it now without getting tears in my eyes.

It was a great event. Yes, it was boring some of the time. But, it was also inspiring. And reassuring. Who knew that I could get so much pleasure out of saying the Pledge of Allegiance with hundreds of other adults in a school auditorium? I’m glad Lily was there with us because someday she’ll also get to look back and say, I was there. 



  1. I think one of the most exciting things we experienced at our caucus was swaying enough Clinton people and undecideds over to the Obama side, and taking one of Clinton’s two delegates for a total of 5 for Obama, 1 for Clinton, and 1 undecided! Oh, and Joe’s a delegate and I’m an alternate…

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