Posted by: loripalooza | February 9, 2008

Peace, Love and Understanding

I don’t mean to get all braggy here, but a couple days ago I was pranically cleansed.  My hair was all flat and lifeless, I still had the stink of work on me, and I didn’t get a chance to brush my teeth after dinner before this happened, but my soul is as clean as a whistle.  At least for a couple of days. And, not like it’s a competition, but I also found out my aura is way bigger than Joe’s. Which really surprised me, because I think if you put us side by side most people would bet on Joe’s aura being the beefier one. It’s okay, though, it’s just where he is right now….

You see, Joe recently discovered through a friend, a fellow co-worker, Trent, who is a pranic healer.  This man is a talented, creative, graphic designer by trade, who found as a child that he had the ability to heal  his family’s headaches with his hands. Only recently has he put a name to his special gift, and has been studying, learning and honing his skills with masters of pranic healing.  Now, Joe being a recovering Catholic, is sometimes even more of a skeptic than I am, but after discovering other people at work who had been cleansed by this healer as well, including a somewhat cynical, Nascar-lovin’ guy, decided to check it out.  What harm could it be, after all?

Without going into detail I’ll just tell you that Joe was cleansed, (right at his desk at work!) and a couple things happened which made him cock his head and wonder. For instance, Trent could feel that something was wrong with Joe’s elbow, even though Joe was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, (and he has had some mystery pain since Christmas resulting in a trip to the emergency room and several head-scratching doctor’s appointments).

 As a follow-up, Trent wanted to cleanse our house.  This brought up a healthy batch of imagery for me, mostly involving a little frilly French-maid type apron… Did I mention Trent the Healer is also a handsome, well-built man with an easy smile and melodic soothing voice?  It was only the day before that Joe informed me that I was to be cleansed as well as the house.  Sure, it’s all fun and games until you drag my dirty aura into it!

Of course, this brought on a heap of anxiety on my part. Fear of the unknown!  What if he sees something really dirty and bad in me?  Ohmygosh, we need to clean the physically dirty house! There’s negative energy in our bed?!?  But when Trent got here he was very patient, informative, and put me at ease right away. While he performed the ritual of chasing out the negative energy of our house, which included some seriously loud hand clapping, heady sandalwood incense, grabbing the bad stuff out of the air and flinging it into a salt water tub (which oddly made one of our cats just FREAK out, although Trent said she was just sensing all the negative), Joe and I listened to a CD leading us through some brief yogic exercises to open ourselves up, followed by meditation.  On the outside it was a lovely, peaceful time, and I was trying really hard in my head to be filled with healing light and love and bless the earth, but I’m a beginner, and all these other thoughts started creeping in, in particular Elvis Costello singing: “What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and uhh-hunder-stahhhnd-ing?”  I barely managed to keep still.

When it came time for my cleansing my eyes were closed and I was attempting to relax and get to the quiet meditative place I had been trying to get to before, with much difficulty because somehow the DVD player in the other room was playing the audio portion of Freaks and Geeks, and I didn’t want to stop everything to go jump up and turn it off, and it seemed I was the only one who could hear it.  At one point I was aware of Trent asking Joe very softly if I had a sore throat.  I perked up (inside my head) at that, because I did indeed have one as I was just coming down with a cold!  Later that day the soreness left. Coincidence? I don’t know…

Trent also showed us some experimental “tricks” if you will, where we could feel the energy in the air as this sort of magnetic force field, and it was amazing!  Joe and I kept giving each other these incredulous looks, because it was something we were physically feeling, a solid fact in front of us (between our hands, really).  Like, can we do this too?!?  We’ve been doing it ever since, stopping at random, “Hey, check it out!” 

 We meditated with each other one night this week, opening our eyes at the end to gaze at each other all Grateful Dead-dreamy, or like when you’re on a candle-lit dinner after that first glass of wine.   Then Trent came over for a more thorough cleansing on Joe and a little more on me.  I watched with fascination as Trent (whom we’ve affectionately dubbed our Witch Doctor) pulled and chopped the air around Joe grabbing that nasty stuff away.  Then he stopped with a quizzical look and told us Joe had an ‘entity’ on his elbow. The bad elbow. And this entity was big, like basketball-sized according to how he was patting the air around Joe. And it was feeding on the diseased part of Joe’s bad elbow!  Joe’s eyes popped open, and I think I was turning whiter than my usual Victorian white. An entity!  Well, get rid of that already!  I’m not sleeping next to any entity!  So after more violent chopping Trent got rid of it.  And the next day, after a month and a half of this bad elbow causing him constant pain, despite a steady regimen of prescription strength ibuprophen, and doctors draining fluid (eeewwwww!!!!) and scratchin’ their heads, the pain was gone.

 So, I ask you, as a person just opening up to new possibilities….what is so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding?


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