Posted by: hannah jo | February 6, 2008

Waiting for my fix

It’s been a little while since I read a book that I longed for when I wasn’t reading it. A book that made me look forward to lunches and bus rides so I could get another fix. I started one yesterday that is making me feel that way and I am loving this feeling.

I’ve seen this book around a million times (we have LOTS of copies of it at the library), but never picked it up because people kept describing it as a mystery and I’m not a big mystery reader. We shelve it in the Fiction section here, rather than the Mystery section, so I knew it was a literary fiction/mystery hybrid, but I still never picked it up.

Yesterday, someone donated a copy and for some reason it seemed so much more inviting as a trade paperback than as a hardback so I threw it in my bag and started reading it on the way home. Oh my goodness. I love it. The writing is fantastic. The characters are fascinating. It’s got some gruesome scenes, but they’re brief and include some wonderful observations that blow me away.

The book is Case Histories by Kate Atkinson. And now I get to go read it!



  1. I would like to request an ongoing list of what you’re reading. I’m about halfway through Jancee Dunn — very entertaining. She talks about starting on MTV2 and you can find the clips on YouTube. Hilarious.

  2. The Yiddish Policeman’s Union was like that for me. Great book! I wish it was longer.

  3. I love that book, too! Although I am afraid to read the sequel. If you do, let me know!

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