Posted by: hannah jo | February 4, 2008

The Good Earth

Today, in the 39-degree weather, with the occasional snowflake falling, we planted raspberries. It looks like we planted four 2-foot-high sticks, but we have faith that those sticks will eventually turn into branches and blossoms and berries (if the sun cooperates).

It’s pathetic how tired I am after planting four sticks. But, you know how it is, you don’t just go buy some plants and stick them in the ground, presto. First, we had to dig up the ancient plants that were there and take apart the support system made of equally ancient rusty wire and fence posts. Then we had to mix in the compost and argue over discuss various options for where to plant the sticks and how far apart the sticks should be.

Andy’s the most handy man in the universe and he proved it again today when he rebuilt the support system, complete with fancy knots for the support twine. It all looks ten times tidier than if I had attempted to plant the sticks all by myself. So, thank you Andy.

I thought about taking a photo and teaching myself how to upload a photo here, but I think you can easily imagine four sticks coming out of the ground, about two feet apart from each other.

We bought our raspberry plants at Swansons Nursery, a beautiful nursery in our neighborhood. The staff was extremely helpful and we used the tips they provided in person and via this handy sheet. They’re having a sale now, that gets even better in the near future (sorry, but I don’t see the dates on their web site at the moment dates are up now — Feb. 13 thru March 2), so if you’re thinking of planting raspberries or blackberries, you should think about doing it soon.

And, if you need any help, let us know!


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