Posted by: loripalooza | February 4, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Superbowl

We’re not really big sports fans/viewers in my household, but we’re willing to do our patriotic duty at least once a year and watch the Superbowl.   I usually drive the gung-ho, sports cap-wearing guys in my office crazy the week before by repeatedly asking “Who’s playing again?” (Most of the time I know, I mean, how could you not, but I’m a little evil that way, and I figure it’s good for their testosterone which is in question sometimes….) I don’t mind subjecting myself to a couple hours of sweaty (or steamy-I loooove it when it’s cold out and the players get all hot and the steam rises up off their bodies – very dramatic) head-bangin’, body-slammin’ men as long as I get to watch the year’s best commercials and the half-time show.Today Joe and I both have colds and are feeling pretty low-key, so we cuddled up on the leather couch under a blanket for the big game, and I thought about napping, because for years I’ve found the white-noise of a football crowd a soothing lullaby. Instead, I kept Joe company, listening to his commentary with half an ear ” Offensive pass interference?! That’s LAME!!!” and more similar comments that sounded like the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons to my cold-addled, slightly sports-apathetic brain; Wah wah, wah wah wah wah.   I’m not much of a girly-girl, but when it comes to these moments…well, here are some random thoughts I had during Superbowl XLII:

  • What is with that dorky red cut-off sweatshirt thing the Patriots’ coach is wearing?
  • The NY on the Giants’ helmets looks like the same font as the M & M’s logo!
  • I wish we had some M & Ms….
  • Look at those calves! I wonder if my calves are that big.
  • Hmmm. Super-bowl…. Maybe I should make soup for dinner.
  • Look at those arms!! Joe should definitely get a banded tattoo around one of his biceps.
  • Are those dreads? Cool. More of the players should have dreads.
  • They’ve got quite the election year color-scheme going, with the reds, whites and blues. Do I smell conspiracy?

During the half-time show:

  • How old is Tom Petty?
  • Is his hair actually straighter than mine?
  • I remember this friend in college who played the guitar and looked just like him. Glen…I wonder what he’s doing now?
  • I wonder how blonde my hair would still be naturally…
  • I wish I had some black cowboy boots.

And back to the second-half:

  • I can’t believe we don’t have any chips. We’re chipless!
  • Will Ferrell is awesome!
  • I don’t know, my favorite commercial is a toss up between the Will Ferrell Bud Light commercial and the baby eTrader ones….
  • My lips are really chapped.
  • Oh, hey! Looks like the Patriots won the game!
  • Nope. Well, better start making that soup.


  1. Joe should definitely get a banded tattoo around one of his biceps! Did I know Glen? Will Ferrell IS awesome! How was the soup?

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