Posted by: hannah jo | February 1, 2008

Wii? Oui!

My brother’s family bought a Wii for Christmas. My sister and her husband got a Wii for Christmas from their adult daughter. We did not get a Wii for Christmas. We got lots of other nice things and I thought we were fine without one. Andy and Lily did not agree.

So, a few days after Christmas, we bought a Wii. Or, actually, Andy and Lily bought a Wii while I slept in one Sunday morning.

Apparently, the Wii arrives with a Sports game disc that includes tennis, golf, bowling (you know, cuz that’s a sport), baseball, and boxing. Maybe it has other stuff, too, I don’t know. Lily bought a game she had played at her cousin’s, something involving the word Sims, which goes completely over my head. She builds rooms and looks for stuff and meets up with other characters who talk in gibberish while she feverishly uses not one but two controllers (oh wait, one is a controller and one is a nunchuck) to make this all happen on the TV screen. I really don’t have the slightest idea what the hell she’s doing or how she makes it happen.

In my real life, I’m a very competent user of computer technology. Pretty fearless, actually. But the Wii stuff? Don’t get it at all.

I did create a Mii, which looks EXACTLY like me. Really. And, I’ve played some tennis with Andy, which I have to admit is kind of fun.

The thing is, we have our TV in the basement and the ceiling is like 4 feet from the floor so there is no clearance for jumping around, swinging your arm over your head like you might during, say, a game of tennis. It only took a few days of Wii ownership before Andy got a big divet in his head from the low-hanging duct-work.

Now Andy and I play about one game of Wii doubles tennis together each night and get obscenely excited about cleaning the clocks of our virtual opponents. That one game is plenty for me.

When we finally get Guitar Hero for the Wii, though, you may never hear from me here again…


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