Posted by: hannah jo | January 30, 2008


What do you use as a bookmark? Do you have a particular bookmark that you always use? Or, do you just use any flat item that’s handy when you’re ready to close your book  — a business card, grocery receipt, library check out slip, post card, photograph? I have lots of bookmarks, all over the place, and am not picky about which one I use, though lately I’ve been partial to a goofy one that Lily made and laminated last year.

My friends and family members have given me beautiful bookmarks over the years and I love them all. They’re works of art and I’m delighted when I find them tucked in books that I didn’t finish, under stacks of paper, or hidden away in desk drawers. Just as I don’t believe I can have too many books, I don’t believe I can have too many bookmarks, either.

I find them in books at the library all the time and, dork that I am, I keep them all. I don’t use them. I collect them and then put them on display with the other stuff I (and my co-workers) find in books. I’ll write more about this collection at another time (just warning you now) because I want to get back to bookmarks at the moment.  

I was delighted the other day to find out about this online bookmark exhibition. I enjoyed the page of quotes about bookmarks, too. Poke around the site if you’re also a fan of bookmarks. And, Lori, this one is for you.



  1. My favorite bookmark at the moment is a giant ticket stub from a museum in Germany. I also have a High Sierra Music Festival ticket that I used recently and a stack of 80’s heavy metal band trading cards that my dear husband found at the dollar store.

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