Posted by: loripalooza | January 25, 2008

Freak or Geek?

So we’re on the second disc of the Freaks and Geeks series and I still haven’t figured out which category I fit into when we were in high school. My greatest worry is that I was just too normal and boring to fit into either, followed by an equal, somewhat horrifying, suspicion that maybe I was more of a geek, kind of wistfully looking over to those they term freak in the show.  (I had the exact same polyester white with pink and orange butterflies bedspread and canopy as Cindy in the show does, but it was in grade school, well before I traded it in on my brother’s psychedelic, velvet, black-light posters.)  A geek before it was all skinny-black-glasses cool, you know? 

 But anyway, the episode we watched last night was Girlfriends and Boyfriends, and Nick has Lindsay over to his house (oh and by the way, how funny is it that Lindsay’s dad runs the local sporting goods store, just like my dad did, and apparently one of the writers’ dads according to the liner-notes, or whatever you call the insert booklet of a DVD?!)  and she goes down into the basement which is all candle-lit, scarves on lamps, and Nights in White Satin on the stereo.  Can you say deja vu? Can you?  Then Nick turns on Styx’s “Lady” and sings it to her, complete with hand motions, (looking disturbingly similar to this choreographed number I did in Girl Scouts at the age of 10 to Yankee Doodle Dandy….).  It was soooooo painful to watch!  Of course, Joe (definitely Freak in high school) knew all the words!  I pretty much only knew the chorus, which is typical…  We were also singing along to “Whipping Post” and that Journey song, “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’.  I had trouble falling asleep because I couldn’t stop hearing “Lady” in my head, but it was so great to hear those songs again and be instantly transported back to 1979 and all the emotions and accompanying drama, good and bad.

 This morning I’m washing the breakfast dishes, all bleary-eyed from lack of quality sleep, and Joe is putting his coat on to leave for work, and I look through the pass-through and he’s standing there facing me saying “Lori, when you’re (arms gesturing toward me) with me (arms brought back in, crossed over chest) I’m smiling (hands brought up to cavernous dimples)….”    Geek.


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